There’s one thing you should know before becoming a mother

Your diet and lifestyle can protect and nourish you and your family. What goes into your body can be selected to fit your needs, enhancing conception and pregnancy in a natural yet powerful way.

Primal Baby is for proactive women who try to conceive or are already pregnant and crave a personalized, scientific approach to their diet and life choices.

Client love

“I just cant believe how much easier this pregnancy is compared to my first one. Your advice has made a HUGE difference for our family”

Amanda P.MI

“It´s amazing! After 3 years of ttc, I got my first positive test, just two months after working with you”

Samantha S.NY

“I felt immediately a positive difference with the diet and supplements you prescribed for me and I haven´t had any problems with my blood sugar for the last 2 months”

Luisa C.

“I truly believe that thanks to your very accurate and specific advice we finally managed to have a successful IVF round”

Monica T.CA

You are in the right place, if you

  • Are concerned about the impact of your favorite personal care/household products and processed foods on your body as you try to conceive or embark on your first pregnancy

  • Feel overwhelmed by the information online, and slightly underwhelmed by the information you are getting from your doctor

  • Crave the peace of mind that will only come from knowing you provided the healthiest and safest environment for your baby

  • Are going through a high-risk pregnancy OR have a history of pregnancy complications, difficulty conceiving or pre-existing medical problems

As a qualified geneticist and clinical nutritionist, I help you make informed decisions to enhance your potential for successful conception, safe pregnancy and a healthy baby, perfectly complementing your existing medical care.