Let´s make our world a better place!

Primal Baby is committed to make the world a better place by empowering women to take their fertility and the health of their children in their own hands.

Naturally, we wholeheartedly support handpicked initiatives that serve the same purpose: a brighter future for us and our children to live and thrive…

Blink Now

Maggie Doyne is wonderful young woman who has created a beautiful community in Surkhet, Nepal, providing a safe home, awesome education and medical care to disadvantaged children and women. I admire Maggie´s courage so much and I want to contribute to her noble cause every step of the way.

Primal baby donates regularly to the non-profit foundation Blink Now, the beating heart of Maggie´s community & family in Nepal.

National Health Federation (aka NHF)

We are so lucky to have exceptional scientists and lawyers from the NHF fighting for our right to be healthy. NHF is a rare example of a health agency truly promoting our long-term wellbeing in closed meetings, where decisions are made for us, without us.

We believe that supporting NHF is a bare minimum if we want our children to have easy access to healthy food, safe supplements and consumer products.