The world needs you to be a mother…

You have been patiently creating the right environment for a family for years. You’ve found a caring partner. You’re building a career you’re proud of.

You’re an experienced, accomplished woman who knows what she wants and appreciates the right timing. Apart from material necessities, you have the intelligence, the life skills, and the deep self-understanding you need to raise a child to become the fine person she was meant to be.

But conception and pregnancy haven’t been as easy as you hoped…

As women we spend years trying to avoid getting pregnant. When the timing is finally right, conception can turn out to be harder than we ever expected.
Maybe everyone around you is having babies without trouble. You don’t understand why you can’t do it too.

The truth is there are several environmental factors that can influence your ability to conceive. Even though it seems out of your hands, there are many things you can do to increase your chances for conceiving.

Recent science shows that nutrition and lifestyle are major drivers in ovulation and conception. Sadly, this is often ignored by many well-meaning healthcare professionals. The women who could benefit from this knowledge the most, often miss out on their chance to create a family. My Preconception Care services bridge this gap and perfectly complement the medical care available today.


I help you increase your chances to get pregnant, naturally.

We’ll do this by supporting and nurturing your fertility through dietary and life choices tailored to your body’s specific needs.


“It´s amazing! After three frustrating years of ttc, I got my first positive test just two months after working with you”

Samantha S.NY

“I truly believe that thanks to your very accurate and specific advice we finally managed to have a successful IVF round”

Monica T.CA
primal baby preconception care

As a responsible woman, you can be proactive and take your fertility into your hands.

My preconception care is ideal for women who:

  • Are just starting to try to get pregnant but want to maximise their chances for conception. You simply can’t afford to wait a year or more, hoping for the best.
  • Have been trying to get pregnant naturally for some time but haven’t been successful yet. You are ready to take it to the next level, the natural way.
  • Have already tried IVF treatment without success. You are either ready to try something else OR you want to find ways to enhance your fertility and ovulation for a future IVF course.

My one-on-one services for women trying to get pregnant centre around personalised, science-based nutrition and lifestyle decisions.

We work together to assess your diet and life choices and make meaningful changes specific to you and your needs.

In order to maximise the fertility treatment(s) recommended by your doctor, we eliminate sneaky reproductive toxins from your diet and lifestyle and add much-needed, fertility-boosting nutrients.

Based on how you feel and what you really need, we’ll come up with a customised, accessible plan for gradual and lasting change. By the end of our work together you’ll have a clear picture of what to do, what to eat, and what to avoid.

Your active role in successful conception

Society often assigns women passive roles and characteristics. As women, we know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Conception and fertility are not exceptions to this old-fashioned way of thinking. We are often led to believe that we simply have to wait and hope for the baby to come. This is a myth that disempowers us.

The truth is that you have the power to change so many things.

You can improve your body functions and health immensely by adapting your lifestyle and diet to fit your needs. This is the first and most fundamental step in enhancing your fertility.

For many women it can be that simple.

It’s an empowered, proactive and responsible decision that can change your life.

Working together for a thriving beginning

In a nutshell: We clean up your diet and lifestyle from foods and products that sabotage your fertility

Here is how the magic happens…

Before we begin, we will gather important information from confidential questionnaires about your diet, lifestyle and medical history. From here I develop a nuanced understanding of your current state of health and together we can prioritize your immediate needs.

By the time we finish, you will know exactly what foods can enhance your fertility. We will focus on a diet that is scientifically proven to boost fertility. We will select the most appropriate supplements for you; I will tell you exactly what you need and suggest safe, good quality products you can trust. We will also discuss healthy food preparation methods and how to create a safer kitchen environment.

We also talk about cosmetics, personal care and household products that may compromise / sabotage your efforts to get pregnant. Protecting your body from unnecessary chemicals and safeguarding your hormonal balance are critical for conception.

You are not alone in this. Together we work to integrate practical changes into your diet and lifestyle that make sense for your personal and family needs.

“I truly believe that thanks to your very accurate and specific advice we finally managed to have a successful IVF round”

Monica T.CA

“I wish I knew years ago that I could heal naturally my endometriosis and manage to get pregnant – it would have saved me so much pain and frustration… We have a chance for a family thanks to you”

Kate A.