You’re going to be a mother!

You are radiant. You are excited. You are determined to do everything right.

Your child is going to live a long, happy and healthy life – you’ll do everything in your power to be sure of it.

But pregnancy can be overwhelming at times…

You have the best intentions

You follow the advice from your doctor and take your folic acid religiously.But you suspect that this generic information isn’t enough.

Random, one-size-fits-all advice may help to improve your general health, but is it really helping your baby? It’s hardly based on up-to-date science and definitely not tailored to your specific needs or lifestyle.

Your perspective has probably shifted since you learned you’re pregnant. You might be wondering if you’re eating the right foods, or if you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients your baby needs.

You may be concerned about foods you used to love and trust. You’ve read reports about cosmetics, household products and popular preservatives. You’re wondering if the products you use could affect the long-term health and happiness of your child.

I’d love to help you navigate all of this and more.

40 weeks to build a healthy future

Every mother wants to see her baby grow into a healthy, happy and successful person. With a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan designed to serve you and your baby in the best possible way, you harness the power to proactively change your future.

Today, being a good mother is so much more than teaching your kids good manners. It is about something more profound.

And it starts before you would ever expect.

I can help you make choices during your pregnancy that contribute to your child’s physical and mental capacity and wellbeing. This will strengthen your son or daughter’s ability to live life to the fullest into adulthood. It is a big responsibility, but our children deserve this opportunity.

Through our personal lifestyle and dietary choices, we help shape the positive future that our children will live in.

“I just can´t believe how much easier this pregnancy is, compared to the first one! Your advice has made a HUGE difference for our family”

Amanda P.

“I felt immediately a positive difference with the supplements and diet you prescribed for me and I haven´t had any problems with my blood sugar for two months”

Luisa C.

Working together for a thriving beginning

A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan (for you + your baby)

With my support, you can be a proactive mother and:

    • Enjoy an easier and more rewarding pregnancy with minimal pregnancy “side-effects”
    • Reduce the risk of complications and pre-term birth
    • Feel confident that you give your baby a healthy beginning—and the best chance for a wonderful life

My one-on-one services for pregnant women centre around personalized, science-based nutrition and lifestyle decisions, which complement holistically your current medical care. Through careful testing, we work together to assess your diet and life choices and make meaningful changes specific to you and your needs.

Based on how you feel and what you really need, we’ll come up with a customized, accessible plan for gradual and lasting change. By the end of our work together you’ll have a clear picture of what to do, what to eat, and what to avoid.

But the most important outcome will be the peace of mind that you are already a great and responsible mother.

We can change the world, one baby at a time. Yes, we can!


In a nutshell: We clean up your diet and lifestyle from foods and products that can be harmful for you and your baby.

Here is how the magic happens…

Before we begin, we will gather important information from confidential questionnaires about your diet, lifestyle and medical history. From here I develop a nuanced understanding of your current state of health and together we can prioritize your immediate needs.

By the time we finish, you will know exactly what foods are beneficial for you and your baby. We will focus on a diet that is scientifically proven to reduce your risk for complications and will give your baby a health headstart. We will select the most appropriate supplements for you; I will tell you exactly what you need and suggest safe, good quality products you can trust. We will also discuss healthy food preparation methods and how to create a safer kitchen environment.

We also talk about cosmetics, personal care and household products that help you experience a smoother pregnancy. It is important to protect your baby from unnecessary chemicals and safeguard your hormonal balance.

You are not alone in this. I got your back. Together we work to integrate practical changes into your diet and lifestyle that make sense for your personal and family needs.

“My blood pressure remained under control until my last doctor appointment and managed to to avoid the dreaded preeclampsia for my baby daughter. I can´t thank you enough for your help and support Eleni!”

Valerie M.

“I felt immediately a positive difference with the supplements and diet you prescribed for me and I haven´t had any problems with my blood sugar for two months”

Luisa C.