Every month, I work with a small group of women who are trying to conceive or are already expecting.


Here are my guiding principles:

      • I work with proactive women who want to take their fertility, pregnancy and baby´s health to the next level; women who are determined to make a difference in their lives.
      • I am not your average nutritionist. I use a Functional Medicine approach to find and correct the source of an imblance, not cover up the symptoms, whether this is infertility or potential pregnancy complications. When it comes to health, there isn´t a one-size-fits-all solution.
      • My services focus on custom scientific, personalized nutrition and lifestyle – an innovative, unique and in-depth approach. This is a stand-alone service or can seamlessly complement your existing medical care.
      • Every woman is different, has different needs, body and genetic makeup. The same methods, supplements or diet don´t work the same way for everybody. We all know that. You are unique and so has to be your nutrition and lifestyle, if optimal fertility and a healthy pregnancy and baby are on your list.
      • I am a woman, on her own journey to motherhood – my daughter is 6 months old . I know where you are and I feel you; like only a woman can feel and help another woman.
      • I believe that our bodies have incredible healing potential and are ingeniously “programmed” to provide thriving health to us and our babies. Using solid science and loads of care, I help you tap into this innate power to restore your fertility and help you and your baby be as healthy as possible before, during and after pregnancy.
      • I am not a health coach. I am your trusted confidante, your mentor, your friend.
      • That is why I got your back; I am here for you, in the journey called conception and bringing to life a perfect baby.
      • I see many “miracles” in my career – maybe you are the next one…