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Learn how to create a non-toxic home, room by room, where your children will grow up and thrive in the long run.

SAFE is officially open for beta-testing on February 5th, 2019!

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If you are a parent who is looking into improving home spaces with the immediate and long-term wellbeing of their children in mind, then SAFE is for you and this is an opportunity you can´t miss!

SAFE is an online video program for parents and parents-to-be, which:

  1. Gives you peace of mind that you provide to your children the BEST start in life.
  2. Educates regarding the complex topic of developmental toxins in the house, in plain English and focusing on the important facts. No jargon, selling or time to waste. Only what matters for our kids.
  3. Provides practical, reasonable and realistic solutions to eliminate or reduce toxic exposure from the most important toxic sources in the house AND offers thorough lists with product recommendations.
  4. Is up to date with the latest official policies and scientific research.

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You will have FREE and FULL access to the first 3 out of 8 weeks of the program content before anyone else does. We only ask in exchange your honest feedback.

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What is covered in 8 weeks

The full curriculum of SAFE

Week 1:  Nursery and bedroom (crib, mattress, baby-related products)

Week 2: Kitchen

Week 3: Bathroom (including personal care & hygiene products)

Week 4: Living room (Floors, dust & indoor air)

Week 5: Cleaning and the home microbiome

Week 6: Garden / gardening & Garage

Week 7: Electromagnetic pollution (EMFs), Radon, Car (and other means of transportation)

Week 8: Playgrounds, play spaces and toys